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What is a Melomaniac?


melomaniac                                /ˌmɛlə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪak/


  •  A passionate or obsessive enthusiast for music.
  • A person that is inordinately and abnormally affected by musical or other tones in certain ranges of sound.

The Melomaniacs is a multi-media news and events organization that was inspired by the overwhelming desire to connect people with what they love about music.

Music has three avenues in which a listener can connect with it. We have our motor system – music that can make us move. We have our emotional system – music that can reach us deep at the core. And we have our cognitive system – music that can make us think. Music has the ability to greatly  affect our psychology and music is inherently linked to our mood. We believe that music sounds the way we feel. 

We aspire to build a strong sense of community for like-minded people who enjoy music and the connections they make along the way.  

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Stu Kelly Founder /  Publisher

Stu Kelly began his career in music journalism while conducting his undergraduate studies at the University of Mississippi. During his time in college, Stu began freelancing for The Daily Mississippian and The Oxford Eagle as a contributor and a photographer. Stu also conceptualized a weekly radio program called Riverbed Radio, which aired on 92.1 WUMS every Sunday afternoon. After graduating from Ole Miss in 2011, Stu moved home to Washington, D.C. where he continued his career in music journalism freelancing for Relix Magazine, JamBase.com, NYSmusic.com and LiveMusicDaily.com to name a few. Stu is extremely passionate about the the thriving community that surrounds live music and he’s proud to share that passion through The Melomaniacs. 

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