The Disco Biscuits ‘Revolution In Motion’

By Stu Kelly / April 16, 2024

The Disco Biscuits have continually inhabited a realm where music transcends mere soundwaves, where narratives intertwine with melodies to create immersive sonic experiences. Their ninth studio album, Revolution In Motion, emerges as a testament to their boundless creativity, marking their first full-length release since 2011’s Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens. But this album isn’t just another collection of songs; it’s a cosmic journey, a “space opera” that explores the intersection of humanity and the extraterrestrial.

Revolution In Motion isn’t just an album—it’s a saga. Crafted as the third rock opera in the band’s repertoire (following Jon Barber’s 1998 Hot Air Balloon and Marc Brownstein’s 2000 Chemical Warfare Brigade, which he first debuted with Electron). It narrates the tale of a curious alien species on a mission to explore the universe. However, a wild night of revelry sends them hurtling through space and onto Earth, where they find themselves entangled in a quest to understand and study humanity. It’s a narrative rich with intrigue, humor, and a profound exploration of the human condition.

At the heart of this interstellar odyssey lies the music itself, a sonic tapestry woven by the collective genius of Jon “Barber” Gutwillig, Marc Brownstein, Allen Aucoin, Aron Magner, and Joey Friedman. From the infectious grooves of “Shocked!” to the ethereal melodies of “One Chance To Save The World,” each track is a testament to the band’s musical prowess and ability to blend genres into a cohesive whole seamlessly. Derek VanScoten‘s (Cloudchord) production elevates the sonic landscape, imbuing each song with depth and clarity.

One of the album’s standout features is its multimedia approach to storytelling. Accompanied by four parts of 3D animated films by Blunt Action, the visual component adds an extra layer of immersion, transporting listeners into the heart of the narrative. From the neon-lit streets of New York City to the far reaches of outer space, the visuals complement the music, breathing life into the story of the music-loving aliens and their encounters with humanity.

However, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Revolution In Motion is its evolution over time. The album’s tracks were refined and honed through live performances over the course of two years, resulting in a collection of songs that feel alive and dynamic. Each riff and lyric carries the weight of countless live performances, imbuing the album with a palpable raw energy from start to finish. Songs like “Who’s In Charge” and “The Deal” have long been fan favorites, and each song promises a full-fledged dance party in a live setting. The Biscuits’ ability to capture that energy in the studio is a remarkable testament to their versatility and ability to transport an audience from the crisp, comfortable confines of a recording studio with the same feel and high energy as one of their trademark live performances. 

In essence, Revolution In Motion is more than just an album—it’s an experience. It’s a journey through space and time, a celebration of music’s power to transcend boundaries and unite disparate worlds. With this album, The Disco Biscuits have once again proven themselves to be pioneers of sonic exploration, pushing the boundaries of what music can be while inviting listeners to join them on an unforgettable voyage. So strap in, hit play, and prepare to embark on a revolution in motion.


The Wormhole
Twisted in the Road
Another Plan of Attack
Times Square
Tourists (Rocket Ship)
Spaga’s Last Stand
Who’s In Charge
The Deal
Space Train
One Chance to Save the World
Why We Dance
To Be Continued…

Watch the full-length animated film below. 

Stream the album below.


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