DJ Williams Releases New Solo Album ‘Soldier of Love’

By Stu Kelly / June 29, 2023

Denver-based guitarist/multi-instrumentalist D.J. Williams released his eagerly awaited new album today, Soldier of Love, which is available everywhere via Perception Records. The new album spans ten tracks and delivers a unique listening experience that is an earnest look at a true artist in the midst of a full-fledged musical evolution. Williams flawlessly blends soulful grooves, funky guitar riffs, and infectious melodies with a strikingly poignant look at life. Williams doesn’t just describe what it’s like to be in his shoes, he embeds listeners in a way as if they’ve walked miles in his footsteps. The unfettered vulnerability and sheer musical prowess create a meandering journey of introspective stories. 

The production of the album, led by Jay.Greens and co-producer Josh Fairman (Perception Records) delivers a high-quality, immersive sonic experience. Moreover, the collaborations with esteemed musicians such as Adam Deitch, Isaac Teel, Alan Evans, Josh Fairman, Eric Benny Bloom, Nate Miller, Roosevelt Collier, Kanika Moore, and Will Trask indicate a diverse range of musical influences and talent. This all-star roster was carefully assembled by Williams over time. 

“This project has given me the opportunity to collab with a bunch of amazing artists I admire, and I’m looking forward to testing out a lot of the music on the road. Being able to showcase material that is truly my own has been the goal for a long time,” said Williams. 

Williams’ intention to create music that resonates with people’s hearts and evokes emotions is admirable. By incorporating elements from various genres into a cohesive sound, he aims to connect with listeners on a profound level and provide them with meaningful experiences through his music. The album offers a versatile collection of tracks, ranging from smooth jazz ballads like “Soldier of Love” to the gritty, thought-provoking, and distortion-driven “Black Man.”

Overall, Soldier of Love is a beautifully constructed project showcasing D.J. Williams’ multidirectional musical talent, maturity, and artistic growth. The music takes listeners on a thrilling ride that aims to spread joy, positivity, and a resounding sense of connection. Williams has his eyes firmly set on the future, looking forward to diving into a batch of new tour dates that will allow him to focus solely on the growth and development of his solo project.

Fans can check out the official music video for the title track along with accompanying summer tour dates below. For more information on tickets to upcoming shows, links to stream his music, and the opportunity to pre-order a 180-gram vinyl of Soldier of Love, check out D.J. Williams’ official website here

“My goal is always to create something that speaks to people’s hearts,” said Williams. “I want listeners to be able to connect with my music on an emotional level – whether it’s joy or pain or anything in between – so they can take away something meaningful from each song.”




  • Whipper Snapper 
  • A Bit Too Much 
  • Soldier of Love 
  • Johnny’s Got a Gun 
  • Light My Fire ft. Kanika Moore 
  • Soldierlude
  • Let’s Go ft. DJ Harrison, Alan Evans
  • Young, Tough & Terrible ft. G. Finesse 
  • Black Man 
  • Vicky’s Eyes

DJ Williams Summer 2023 Tour Dates

  • June 25- Fort Greene Denver, CO
  • June 26- Artpark Lewiston, NY
  • June 28- Stage AE Pittsburgh, PA
  • June 29- Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia, PA
  • June 30- Westville Music New Haven, CT
  • July 1- Soundcheck Studios Pembroke, MA
  • July 2- Cherry Creek Arts Fest Denver, CO
  • July 7- Zoofest Lincoln, NE
  • July 4- Stoke Live Salida, CO
  • July 16- Levitt Pavilion Denver, CO
  • July 21- Shakedown Bar Vail, CO
  • July 27- Herman’s Hideaway Denver, CO
  • July 29- Petaluma Music Fest Petaluma, CA
  • Aug 4- Louisville Street Fair
  • Aug 5- Empire Garage Austin, TX
  • Aug 8- Private Maui, HI
  • Aug 11- Eagle Block Party Eagle, CO



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