G-Nome Project Unveils “Pure Imagination” G-Mix

By Stu Kelly / January 24, 2023

Israel’s premier psytrance quartet G-Nome Project has released its own original rendition of “Pure Imagination,” the beloved soundtrack selection from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The band’s newly reimagined take on “Pure Imagination” incorporates Shpongle-style production influences with elements of techno and funk to create an intricate musical tapestry. The reimagined song, or G-Mix dubbed by the band, has been a live staple for G-Nome’s fans. “Pure Imagination” was last performed live on November 20, 2022, at a sold-out Silk City in Philadelphia. The recognizable tune has been lovingly embraced by listeners for its danceability, as it glides through emotive rock melodies, thick grooves, and the band’s signature upbeat fusion of trance, synth leads, drum beats, and funk guitar.  

“Pure Imagination” is mixed by Eyal Salomon (executive producer: Shua Seif), this track is the first of several forthcoming singles in 2023, and is the band’s first G-Mix to receive a studio treatment. Previous live G-Mixes include theme songs from Sesame StreetGame of Thrones, and a scorching rendition of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” from their show in Richmond, Va., in November of 2022.  Fans have certainly resonated with the cover of “Pure Imagination” as it’s a frequent request for the band. 

“More often than not, when fans come over to me before a show and request a song they want us to perform, it’s ‘Pure Imagination,'” explained bassist Zecheriah Reich.

“The track is like a journey from darkness to light. There are legit eerie moments in the music, but then they give way to moments of triumph and joy. We’re excited to finally share it,” added guitarist Yakir Hyman

2023 is poised to be a big year for the rapidly ascending ensemble. The longstanding act prepares for a string of live appearances in 2023, including a highly anticipated set at Summer Camp Music Festival in May of this year. The quartet will also release its debut studio album, Mouse Kingdom, which is officially arriving in 2023. For more information on upcoming live appearances, single releases, and more, check out their website www.g-nomeproject.com

Check out “Pure Imagination” and “Thunderstruck” below:

Press photo courtesy of Dani Barbieri (@dani__shoots).

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