Goose Concludes European Tour In London

By Stu Kelly / November 21, 2023

Goose concluded their first-ever European tour last night at the Electric Ballroom in London’s Camden neighborhood with a scorching show that showcased the band’s versatility and improvisational intrepidness. The Electric Ballroom is an iconic venue that’s hosted a variety of musical talent in Camden since 1938. This was also Goose’s most prominent venue on their European tour, and the energy was palpable. After an incredible show at the same venue the previous night, which found the band tipping their hats to London punk band The Clash with a cover of “Rock The Casbah,” a smoking version of fan-favorite “Arcadia,” and the always sexy “Slow Ready,” the band came to to the last night of their tour with one sole purpose: to “go extra hard,” according to multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Peter Anspach, who was feeling festive that night as he wore a John Terry England national team away kit on stage. Not only was this fitting for the evening, given the show’s location, but the England national team was also squaring off against North Macedonia in the Euro 2024 qualifying tournament that night. 

The show started with an electrifying first set showcasing Goose’s ability to seamlessly blend intricate compositions with free-flowing improvisation. “Dr. Darkness” set the tone with its haunting melody, leading into the explosive “Yeti” > “Mr. Action” combination that had the audience bursting with energy from the start. Trevor Weekz shined on this one-two punch as his bass notes thundered with a vengeance. The emotional journey continued with David Gray‘s “Please Forgive Me,” a poignant moment that showcased the band’s versatility and soulful expression. An expressive “Hungersite” carved out a path for “Seekers On The Ridge Part I” -> “Seekers On The Ridge Part II,”  which brought the first set to a climactic close, leaving the crowd hungry for more.

The second set saw Goose delving deeper into their sonic exploration with a four-song set. “Madhuvan” provided a mystical journey, transporting the audience to another realm with its mesmerizing soundscape. This was one of the best pieces of improvisation throughout the night and, some may say, the entire tour. The infectious “Feel It Now” groove had the crowd dancing and grooving in unison, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and bliss. “Thatch” added a touch of unpredictability to the set, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with its intricate instrumentation. Rick Mitarotonda also strategically wove in a “Carol Of The Bells” tease as the Christmas spirit started to reflect the time of year. The night peaked with the pulsating rhythms of “Dripfield,” a perfect choice to cap off a night of musical adventure.

Goose’s performance at the Electric Ballroom was a testament to their ability to connect profoundly with their audience. The band’s chemistry was palpable, each member feeding off the energy of the others to create a sonic tapestry that was as dynamic as it was unpredictable. The lighting and visuals complemented the music seamlessly, enhancing the overall experience for the audience. Andrew Goedde made excellent use of the lighting rig and meticulously added to the band’s sharp melodic twists and turns with his creativity as their lighting designer. 

As the final notes of “Dripfield” echoed through the venue, Goose left the stage with thunderous applause and cheers from a grateful audience. The Electric Ballroom had witnessed a musical journey that spanned the depths of emotion and the heights of improvisation, solidifying Goose’s place as a force to be reckoned with in the live music scene.

Goose’s first European tour may have ended, but their impact on the hearts and minds of their fans will undoubtedly endure. As the lights dimmed and the echoes of applause lingered in the air, it was clear that Goose had not only conquered the Electric Ballroom but had left an indelible mark on the European music landscape. The band will return home to the States before gearing up for a two-night run in Hampton, Virginia, for Goosemas, where they’ll make their debut at the coveted Hampton Coliseum in early December. 

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