Gov’t Mule Kicks Off European Tour at The London Palladium

By Stu Kelly / November 20, 2023

On a crisp London evening, The London Palladium vibrated with the electrifying blues-infused rock of Gov’t Mule. The iconic West End theatre, nestled on Argyll Street in Soho, played host to a musical spectacle that will surely resonate in the memories of the 2,286 attendees lucky enough to witness the magic. Southern rock is embedded in the fabric of American music culture, and its roots run as deep and rich as the Mississippi Delta soil. European fans eagerly awaited the performance as people lined up well before doors opened. The crowd was eclectic and ready to get their fill of dynamic Southern rock and Roll. 

The night started with a thunderous “Bad Little Doggie,” setting the tone for a high-energy performance that swept the audience off their feet. The first set unfolded with a masterful blend of old favorites and newer tracks, each delivered with the raw intensity and virtuosity that Gov’t Mule is renowned for. “Blind Man in the Dark” and “About to Rage” showcased the band’s ability to seamlessly transition between soulful blues and hard-hitting rock, captivating the diverse musical tastes of the crowd.

As Warren Haynes‘ soulful vocals echoed through the Palladium, the band delved into the melodic “Banks of the Deep End” and the jazz-infused “Thelonius Beck,” proving their versatility and musical adeptness. The first set reached its apex with the powerful “Revolution Come, Revolution Go” and the bluesy anthem “Time to Confess,” leaving the audience yearning for more.

After a brief intermission, the band returned to the stage for a second set that took the concert to even greater heights. The instrumental epic “Mule” set the stage for an adventurous musical journey that included a mesmerizing rendition of “The River Only Flows One Way” and the emotionally charged “After the Storm.” The band paid homage to musical legends with covers of Link Wray & His Raymen‘s “Rumble,” Sly & the Family Stone‘s “Sex Machine,” and Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s “Eternity’s Breath,” seamlessly blending these classics into their own distinctive sound and culminating with the Grateful Dead‘s “St Stephen Jam.”

The night concluded with an electrifying performance of “Thorazine Shuffle,” leaving the audience in awe of Gov’t Mule’s musical prowess and the undeniable chemistry between band members. The thunderous opening bass line from Kevin Scott cascaded down through the PA system, igniting a wave of energy over the crowd.

A particularly special moment came during the encore, dedicated to the late Bernie Marsden, as the band delivered a soul-stirring rendition of Bobby “Blue” Bland‘s “Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City.” The palpable emotion in Warren Haynes’s vocals resonated throughout the Palladium, creating a poignant tribute to the English rock and blues guitarist known for his work with Whitesnake. As the final notes echoed through the historic venue, it was evident that Gov’t Mule had not only conquered The London Palladium but had left an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to be in attendance.

Set 1:

  • Bad Little Doggie
  • Blind Man in the Dark
  • About to Rage
  • Wake Up Dead
  • Banks of the Deep End
  • Thelonius Beck
  • Same as It Ever Was
  • Revolution Come, Revolution Go
  • Time to Confess

Set 2:

  • Mule
  • The River Only Flows One Way
  • After the Storm Trane (>)
  • Rumble (Link Wray & His Raymen cover) (>)
  • Sex Machine (Sly & the Family Stone cover) (>)
  • Eternity’s Breath (Mahavishnu Orchestra cover) (>)
  • St Stephen Jam (Grateful Dead cover)
  • Beautifully Broken
  • Thorazine Shuffle


  • Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City (Bobby “Blue” Bland cover)
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