Goose Invades Hampton Coliseum For Tenth Goosemas

By Stu Kelly / December 9, 2023

Goose descended upon the Hampton Coliseum for their tenth annual Goosemas celebration. The night was divided into two sets, each exploring different musical realms, aptly named “Echochrome” and “Inferno Prime.” This was Goose’s first time playing at the iconic Hampton Coliseum, which has been affectionately called “the mothership” by fans. Goose brought a space-themed performance to the mothership with plenty of surprises that would continue to unfold throughout the evening. 

Set One, dubbed “Echochrome,” began with the ethereal “Earthling or Alien?” setting the tone for a journey into the unknown. The slow, melodic version of “All I Need” lulled the audience into a trance before seamlessly transitioning into a faster tempo after the first chorus. The five-piece broke out the first of many debuts with Justin Timberlake‘s “Mirrors,” which added a pop-infused twist to the set, keeping the energy high.

“Tumble” took on a vibey form, blending its regular composed section with an extended jam, creating an immersive musical experience. The set’s highlight came with a surprise debut of Michael Jackson‘s “Man in the Mirror,” further showcasing Goose’s ability to weave covers seamlessly into their sonic tapestry.

After the spaceship landed, set two, named “Inferno Prime,” took the audience to a fire planet with the scorching opening of Jimi Hendrix‘s “Fire,” complete with pyrotechnics. The band navigated through the intricate “Creatures” > “(dawn)” before treating the crowd to an electrifying cover of Kings of Leon‘s “Sex On Fire,” infusing the track with their signature improvisational prowess.

“Butter Rum” and “Arrow” > “Burning Down the House” continued the cosmic exploration, with the latter marking the first performance of Talking Heads‘ classic since May 20, 2017. The unfinished nature of “Arrow” left fans eager for what the band has in store for future performances.

The encore, a triumphant finish to an interstellar night, featured “So Ready” > “Slow Ready” > “Hot Tea.” The jam-only section of “Slow Ready” showcased the band’s improvisational chemistry, leaving the audience on a high note as the cosmic ship prepared for its final departure.

Goosemas X celebrated the holiday season and Goose’s ability to create a unique and immersive musical experience that fans eagerly await each year. The concert at Hampton Coliseum will undoubtedly go down in Goose history as a night when the boundaries of musical exploration were pushed, and the audience was taken on a cosmic journey they won’t soon forget.

Watch pro-shot footage of “Fire” below. 

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