Goose Unveils Cotter Ellis as New Drummer Ahead of ‘Ted Tapes 2024’ Release

By Stu Kelly / February 5, 2024

Goose has revealed Cotter Ellis as its new drummer, marking a significant addition to its musical lineup. The news comes just ahead of the release of its highly anticipated album, Ted Tapes 2024.

The forthcoming Ted Tapes 2024 album offers a unique perspective on the band’s musical journey with Cotter Ellis. The nine tracks featured on the album are different improvisational moments captured during early sessions with the new drummer. According to the band, these recordings were made solely for reference and were not initially intended for any official release.

“We are stoked to introduce our new drummer, Cotter Ellis! We first saw Cotter play over 5 years ago and were immediately struck by his deep sense of pocket and feel. Ted Tapes 2024, coming tomorrow, is just a glimpse of the music we’ve experienced together so far,” the band shared in a statement. “The instruments and microphones were rigged up quickly, and the playing was raw and free from any expectations. The first track, Leo, is the opening pick-up jam from the first session, the first notes ever played together.”

Despite being recordings meant for internal use, the band decided to share a video from the last session with Cotter before officially inviting him to join the group. This decision reflects Goose’s commitment to giving fans a glimpse into their creative process and the chemistry they share with their new drummer.

“We wanted him to meet our team and get a sense of what playing together on stage was like. We couldn’t be more stoked for what’s to come, stay tuned for more announcements tomorrow,” the band teased in their statement.

Fans of Goose can expect a dynamic and seamless integration of Cotter Ellis into the band’s lineup, as the Ted Tapes 2024 promises to showcase the unique musical journey the group has embarked upon with their newest member. Stay tuned for the official release of Ted Tapes 2024 and more exciting announcements from Goose in the days to come.

Check out the video of Cotter jamming with Goose below.

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