Jimmy Page Gives High Praise To Charley Crockett

By Stu Kelly / May 15, 2024

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page took time to attend Charley Crockett‘s gig at Hoxton Hall in London. Crockett was performing the third night of a three-night sold-out run at the venue, nestled in the Hoxton area of Shoreditch in the London Borough of Hackney. Originally opened in 1863, the intimate venue boasts a capacity of only 227 people. 

Page sat on the balcony and was blown away by Crockett’s musicianship, depth of songs, and communication with the audience. Page also noted how the audience was enthralled with Crockett’s performance, listening intently and applauding him enthusiastically. Crockett has cultivated a die-hard fanbase over his years of dedication to his craft, and he’s emerged as one of the most refreshing and authentic voices in the Country music scene. 

“Earlier this week, on Wednesday, @scarlettzsabet and I had the pleasure of being invited by Ken Levitan to see @charleycrockett on the third and final night of his sell-out shows at @hoxtonhall in London. He’s someone making substantial waves in his own country of the United States and he’s certainly ratcheting things up to make a name for himself over here in the UK, too. I hadn’t seen anything quite like it for a very long time! I was blown away by the depth of his songs, his musicianship and communication with an audience that listened so intently and then applauded him enthusiastically. Charley is a performer in the true cowboy tradition and is a troubadour with fantastic tales of busking in many streets of the US, such as New Orleans and Dallas — experiences which have really enriched his own writing and stand-out songs such as ‘America’. Following the gig, I had a great chat with Charley and he’s a great guy. I wish him all the best with his new album $10 Cowboy,” said Page. 

After the performance, Crockett took to Instagram to show his gratitude: “Thanks for 3 good Nights London. Tried to play my best show with @jimmypage watching from the balcony.”

Crockett also responded with a comment on Page’s Instagram post: “Meet me in New Orleans Jimmy 🐎” 


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