Maggie Koerner Releases New Single “Images”

By Stu Kelly / March 14, 2020

On Friday, March 13, Maggie Koerner released a new single about her own growth and reflection. The New Orleans based soul singer has once again pulled back the curtains to expose her deepest feelings in another breathtaking song that’s full of raw emotion. The new song was also produced by her friend David Shaw of The Revivalists. “Images” is a song about how someone she loved found an abundance of ways to fall short and let her down. The song wastes no times getting to the point. The opening bars are immediately directed at the antagonist “There you sat getting drunk on my 29th birthday, images /  I’d rather listen to the train tracks screeching in my left ear, images.” 

Along with the new music, Maggie also worked with a full production team to release an accompanying music video. The visually stunning music video, which was filmed in New Orleans, opens up with a slow pan and finds Maggie sitting solo at a grand piano in a large empty room in the Hotel Peter and Paul. The juxtaposition of such a beautiful building and her chilling lyrics create the framework and contrast for the rest of the video. There’s something beautiful in being hurt and this song taps into whatever that may be. 

“I wrote this song about a person I loved only to realize I was writing it to myself all along,” said Koerner in a statement. Hence the song’s title, it’s clear that the term “reflection” comes as a much deeper meaning. Currently, Koerner has a string of shows booked in the south as she’s set to perform at this year’s Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. After that fans can find her at Sunfest in West Palm Beach, Florida before she heads to Texas for a couple of shows in Dallas and in Houston. 

Watch the video below and stream/purchase the song on all platforms here

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