The Disco Biscuits Kick Off ‘Why We Dance’ Tour at the Fillmore Silver Spring

By Stu Kelly / March 8, 2024

The Disco Biscuits set the Fillmore Silver Spring ablaze last night, kicking off their Why We Dance tour with an electrifying performance that left the audience in a state of euphoria. The quartet, currently riding the waves of a creative resurgence, showcased their musical prowess and tight-knit chemistry throughout the evening, leaving fans eager for more.

As anticipation built to a fever pitch, the band emerged on stage to thunderous applause, setting the tone for an unforgettable night of sonic exploration. With their forthcoming studio album, Revolution In Motion, on the horizon, there was an undeniable buzz in the air as fans eagerly awaited a taste of the new material.

The first set kicked off with a burst of energy as the band launched into “Shocked!” off of Revolution In Motion, instantly captivating the crowd with its infectious groove and intricate melodies. The opener clocked in at a staggering 40+ minutes of hard-hitting improvisation. Clearly, the band was making a statement that all bets were off. Transitioning seamlessly into “Ring the Doorbell Twice,” the band showcased their ability to effortlessly blend electronica, rock, and improvisation elements into a cohesive sonic tapestry. The set’s highlight came with “Helicopters,” a sprawling epic that allowed each member to shine, culminating in a mesmerizing climax that left the audience breathless.

After a brief intermission, the band returned for the second set, diving deeper into their expansive catalog with fan favorites like “Little Shimmy in a Conga Line” and “The Great Abyss.” Each song unfolded like a musical journey, with the band exploring new sonic landscapes and pushing the boundaries of their sound with fearless experimentation. “Pimp Blue Rikki” and “Crickets” showcased the band’s improvisational prowess as they seamlessly navigated through intricate rhythmic patterns and intricate melodies with effortless precision. Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein locked into a harmoniously integrated rhythm, whiplashing the crowd into a dancing frenzy. 

As the night drew to a close, the band returned to the stage for an encore, treating fans to a rousing rendition of “Down to the Bottom.” With the crowd dancing and singing along in unison, it was the perfect ending to a night filled with unforgettable moments and infectious energy.

As the lights dimmed and the crowd slowly dispersed, it was clear that The Disco Biscuits had once again delivered a performance for the ages. With their ‘Why We Dance’ tour in full swing and a new album on the horizon, the band is poised to continue their reign as one of the most exciting acts in live music today.


First Set: Shocked! > Ring The Doorbell Twice >Helicopters

Second Set: Little Shimmy In A Conga Line >The Great Abyss > Pimp Blue Rikki > Crickets > Little Shimmy In A Conga Line

Encore: Down To The Bottom

Images by Stu Kelly Photography

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