Watch Both Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Sets From Lockn’

By Stu Kelly / September 1, 2017

Some of the most beautiful aspects of Lockn’ are the surprise sit ins and incredible collaborations. The 2017 installment of the festival saw many amazing artists come together. However, no random sit ins were more surprising than the guests who were welcomed during Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s two late night sets. On Friday JRAD welcomed vocalists Nicole Atkins and Jim James over the course of their set. Atkins handled lead vocals on the Willie Dixon cover “Little Red Rooster” and lead JRAD through the classic number, which was the first time the band played it live and added her charm on “Cassidy” as well. Jim James emerged for a swing on Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing” which went into “Brown Eyed Woman.” Atkins and James assisted Tom Hamilton on the beloved ballad “Brokedown Palace” in the encore slot. 

On Saturday Bob Weir came out not once, but twice over the course of JRAD’s set. Weir first emerged early in the set for “Black Throated Wind” > “Good Lovin'” > “Jack Straw” where he sang a duet with Tom Hamilton. Weir reappeared during “Playing In The Band” and lead the charge during “Samson & Delilah” which closed out the set. Weir stuck around for “One More Saturday Night” in the encore slot capping off an incredible late night of music. Bobby showcased an incredible amount of endurance and never let off the gas the entire time. 

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August 25, 2017

One Set (12:45 AM – 2:58 AM): Shakedown Street # -> Gonesville -> Uncle John’s Band $ > The Other One -> Little Red Rooster % (NA) > Terrapin Station Suite ^ -> Truckin’ & -> Cassidy * (SM/NA), Band Intros, Help On The Way -> Slipknot! -> Been Caught Stealing + (JJ) > Brown Eyed Women (JJ)

Encore: Brokedown Palace (JJ/NA/TH) @@

  • @ – Started the morning of 2017-08-26
  • # – Unfinished
  • $ – With a “Low Rider” (War) Tease (JR) 
  • % – Willie Dixon Cover first recorded by Howlin’ Wolf, First Time Played by Almost Dead; NA is Nicole Atkins on Lead Vocals
  • ^ – With Other One Teases (Band) & a “Swingtown” (Steve Miller Band) tease (MB)
  • & – With the Born Cross Eyed Ending
  • * – With a “Mountain Jam” (Allman Brothers Band) Jam
  • + – Janes Addiction Cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead; JJ is Jim James (My Morning Jacket) on Lead Vocals
  • @@ – Vocalists listed in the order of their verses (Jim took V1, Nicole V2, etc)

August 26, 2017

One Set (12:16 AM – 2:23 AM): Jam -> Althea -> Black Throated Wind (BW), Good Lovin’ (BW), Jack Straw (BW/TH) #, Jam -> The Wheel $ -> Bertha > Throwing Stones %, He’s Gone ^ > Playing In The Band & -> Samson & Delilah (BW)

Encore: One More Saturday Night (BW)

  • (BW) is Bob Weir on Lead Vocals & Guitar
  • # – With a Bird Song Tease (TH)
  • $ – With a long Marco Solo
  • % – With a Tease of a Younger Brother song 
  • ^ – With teases of BT Wind, Bird Song, Trucking, New Speedway & probably more from TH 
  • & – Unfinished

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