Canadian Band Surf Hat Unveils Psychedelic Journey with New Album ‘Surf Hat Ranch’ [Listen]

By Stu Kelly / May 9, 2024

Canada’s own Surf Hat is set to mesmerize listeners with the release of their latest album, Surf Hat Ranch, a captivating journey through the realms of “cold water psych-surf” music. The ten-track anthology, available now on all major streaming platforms, promises a kaleidoscopic odyssey, rich with sonic textures and lyrical depth that invite listeners into a sonic landscape as expansive as the sweeping views that inspire Surf Hat’s music.

Formed amidst the rugged beauty of Canada’s northwest, Surf Hat comprises Adam Ravalia on bass, Jon Allan on resonant vocals/guitar, and Evan Camm on drums. Together, they craft music and auditory journeys, weaving tales that resonate with heartfelt familiarity.

The band’s single, “Ghost Story,” has garnered significant attention, amassing nearly 120,000 views on Instagram in under a month. Throughout the album, Surf Hat navigates musings on life and love, stitching ballads with threads of emotional resonance. On the final note, each track feels like an old friend, showcasing the band’s ability to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience.


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Surf Hat’s decade-long bond forged in the crucible of Canadian music scenes has culminated in their unique sound, influenced by artists ranging from Allah-Las to Talking Heads. Their music pays homage to their musical forebears while carving out a distinct path.

Friendship and artistic reliance are twin tenets grounding Surf Hat’s creative process. According to Evan Camm, “We don’t choose to write the songs, they write themselves,” highlighting the natural flow of their music-making. Their work ethic is evident in their dedication to creative exploration, feeding the machine of their creativity to produce ever-evolving sounds.

Surf Hat is poised to make waves beyond Canadian borders with plans to bring its sonic blend to the US in the latter half of 2024. For those seeking a fresh audio adventure, Surf Hat Ranch promises an escapade into the passionate peaks and soulful valleys of Surf Hat’s continuously evolving soundscape.

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