Page McConnell Details New Album ‘Maybe We’re The Visitors’ & Shares Single

By Stu Kelly / April 6, 2021

Page McConnell has revealed new details about his forthcoming new studio album titled Maybe We’re The Visitors. The new solo album will be released digitally via Keyed Records this Friday, April 9. The Phish keyboardist penned and recorded the new album during sessions held in Reykjavik, Iceland and Burlington, Vermont. Page also tapped Rolling Stone journalist David Fricke to write notes for the album. 

Fricke notes:

In January 2020, shortly before the coronavirus shut down modern life, including travel, McConnell took a road trip that had nothing to do with his normal touring itinerary as the keyboard player in Phish: a holiday in Iceland. Inevitably, music got made there. But it was unlike anything McConnell had recorded before as a solo artist, for side projects or within the collaborative energies of Phish: fully electronic pieces created on location, in response to the epic landscapes, dramatic weather, and geologic fury that he experienced in Iceland. He also came back energized and determined to keep going amid, indeed despite, lockdown.

MAYBE WE’RE THE VISITORS is the result: an imaginary voyage charged with eyewitness awe and intense, solitary reflection; expressed without lyrics, vocals or any sign of piano, organ or clavinet, McConnell’s signature armory with Phish. The album is his third solo outing – following 2007’s song-based Page McConnell and a 2013 instrumental release, Unsung Cities and Movies Never Made – and a genuine breakthrough: the first McConnell has conceived and performed entirely with synthesizers. Maybe We’re the Visitors is also the most personal record he has ever made because it is an album that has been on his mind for a long time.

The narrative flow of MAYBE WE’RE THE VISITORS – exploration, colony and, finally warning; that, as Icelanders already know, we are only stewards here and nature always has the last word – did not present itself “until I was close to the end,” McConnell confesses. “But I always knew there was something alien about these pieces…”

McConnell previewed the album, made exclusively with synthesizers, by sharing its lead single, “Radio Silence.” Check out the new single below.

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