Slipknot Parts Ways With Longtime Drummer Jay Weinberg

By Stu Kelly / November 6, 2023

In a shocking announcement on Sunday, the iconic heavy metal band Slipknot revealed that they had parted ways with their longtime drummer, Jay Weinberg. After a decade behind the kit, Weinberg’s departure marks the end of an era for the band, leaving fans both surprised and saddened by the news.

In an official statement on the band’s website, which has since been deleted, Slipknot expressed their gratitude to Jay Weinberg for his unwavering dedication and passion over the past ten years. Weinberg originally joined Slipknot in December 2013, following the departure of their original drummer, Joey Jordison. At the time, Jordison cited “personal reasons” for his exit. Still, in 2016, he revealed that he had been battling a neurological disease called transverse myelitis, which ultimately forced him to leave the band.

“I got really, really sick with a horrible disease called transverse myelitis. I couldn’t play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I don’t wish on my worst enemy,” Jordison publically disclosed regarding his health struggles. Sadly, Joey Jordison passed away “peacefully in his sleep” in 2021, leaving a lasting void in the world of heavy metal.

Weinberg, aged 33, took up the mantle as Slipknot’s drummer in 2014, and his powerful and precise drumming style quickly won over both fans and critics. He played his final show with Slipknot this past Friday, November 3, at the Hell & Heaven festival in Toluca, Mexico, marking the end of his chapter with the band.

Jay Weinberg’s journey with Slipknot was unique. He discovered the band when he was just a pre-teen, introduced to their music by his father, Max Weinberg, renowned for his role in Bruce Springsteen’s E STREET BAND and as the leader of the house band on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show. Weinberg’s love for Slipknot grew exponentially, and he became a devoted fan of the band long before he was invited to Los Angeles in 2013 to try out as a replacement for Joey Jordison.

Weinberg’s debut with Slipknot took place shortly after the release of the band’s 2014 album, .5: The Gray Chapter. Interestingly, during the initial months following the album’s release, the band chose not to reveal the identities of the musicians playing drums and bass during their tour. It was a disgruntled former drum tech for Slipknot who eventually disclosed that Jay Weinberg had taken up the drumming duties alongside bassist Alessandro “Vman” Venturella.

The departure of Jay Weinberg comes nearly a decade after the band’s split with Joey Jordison in December 2013. Though the reasons for Jordison’s exit were not publicly disclosed at the time, his passing in 2021 marked a sad moment in the band’s history, leaving both fans and the music world in considerable mourning for the loss of a prominent figure in the heavy metal genre.

As Slipknot navigates this new chapter in their history, the band’s future of who will sit behind the kit remains uncertain. Fans eagerly await updates on the search for Weinberg’s replacement and what lies ahead for the iconic band. Slipknot’s unique sound and intense stage presence have solidified their place in the musical fabric of heavy metal, and their legacy is set to continue, albeit with a notable change in their lineup.

Watch footage of Jay’s final performance in Mexico below. 

Cover photo via Jay’s official social media.

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