Slipknot ‘We Are Not Your Kind’

By Stu Kelly / August 17, 2019

On August 9, legendary metal rockers Slipknot released their most recent studio album, We Are Not Your Kind, via Roadrunner Records. The album marks a new chapter in the band’s ever-evolving career and their first studio release since 2014. Traditional fans can expect to hear what they want: plenty of thunderous, exotic drumming patterns, piercing guitar solos, and Corey Taylor’s versatile vocal range from clear-cut annunciated tones to the dark screaming howls he’s known for. 

We Are Not Your Kind opens up with a dark, ominous introduction called “Insert Coin,” which serves as a preface for what’s yet to come. The opening track barely reached past the 90-second mark but set up the following track, “Unsainted” perfectly. 

“Unsainted” is quintessential Slipknot. The female church choir-esque vocals at the song’s beginning leave much to the imagination. One can’t help but feel the symbolism of heaven and hell in the introduction alone. Taylor is on top of his game as his vocals pristinely fit between the music. Jay Weinberg and Shawn Crahan keep the rhythm section tight and lay the foundation for Mick Thompson and Jim Root to paint a canvas with their adept work on their guitars. Alessandro Venturella rounds things out on the bass, and the low notes almost act like the glue that holds it together. Taylor’s dark undertone in his lyrics resonates with the heavy sound, especially as he belts out, “You’ve killed the saint in me / How dare you martyr me? / You’ve killed the saint in me / How dare you martyr me?”

Another song that stands out on the album is tucked away as the tenth track, a pensive number called “Spiders.” This song showcases the band’s talent as musicians. It’s not the heaviest song on the record and sometimes asks for the lister’s patience, but the result is a beautifully well-crafted number overflowing with deep melodic concoctions. The way the drums and the guitars link up and sync together is enough the grab the lister’s attention. 

The album ends with another exceptionally well-crafted song called “Solway Firth,” which is so good it seems criminal for the album to fade to black after the piece wraps. The song boasts a theme of independence and refusing help. Of course, plenty of the band’s signature piercing guitar solos, heavy drumming fills, and Taylor’s incredible screaming vocals exist. 

The album is a testament to old fans: the band is here to stay. For years it seemed like the band was struggling to find their roots and capture the studio brilliance they found on the Iowa record. This studio album feels the closest they’ve come to their previous masterpieces. 

We Are Not Your Kind is available on CD, vinyl, digitally for download, and on streaming services. Fans who purchase a pair of tickets online to the Knotfest Roadshow will receive a free digital download of the album. Fans can find more information on where to pick up the album here

Check out the official music video for “Unsainted” below; the band’s own Shawn Crahan directed it. 

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