SkyDaddy ‘Wide Eyes’

By / July 27, 2017

A jazzy funk-rock outfit hailing out of New York, SkyDaddy is a four-piece that individually and collectively brings a lot to the table. Their catchy lyrics are rumbled by Dave Heinz on bass/lead vocals, bringing soul into what can otherwise be described as spacey jam-improv, infused by Joe North on sax and EWI, Tom Clancey on guitar and vocals, and Pat Agresta on drums.

On August 1, SkyDaddy will be releasing their latest studio effort, Wide Eyes, across all major online media.

The three track EP is simultaneously catchy, tasteful and alternative. Recorded in the course of a year at REM Studios in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Wide Eyes is a successful culmination of the band's accomplishments thus far.

North helps to set SkyDaddy's sound apart, lulling and stretching the tune of "Effortlessly Elegant" into a track that will stay with you. "Perspective" is both passionate and "way out," in a funky manner. The lyrics are made to be felt, and the depth of Heinz's voice helps us to do just that.

Their last recorded EP, the self-titled EP, SkyDaddy, was released back in 2016, and featured five tracks, including "Tell Me I'm Crazy" and "Just Enough Wine."

SkyDaddy already has tour dates set for late summer, and a Mid-Atlantic tour in the works for this fall. To find out more, please visit their website.

Track Listing

  1. "Effortlessly Elegant"
  2. "By The Fire Tonight"
  3. "Perspective"

Stay tuned for the full EP drop on August 1, 2017 on iTunes, Spotify, & Soundcloud!

The Melomaniacs are proud to present this exclusive pre-release of

"Effortlessly Elegant" from Wide Eyes.

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